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There is no shortage of technologies that create efficiencies for IT organizations to drive hyperscale and saturation points of prominent compute, network, and storage layers. The evolution of virtualization technologies promises to continue squeezing traditional compute, network, and storage resources down to mere configuration files to run web-native applications and services.

Understanding how to convert legacy non-virtualized environments to the right choice of virtualization technologies requires an entirely new skill set in IT. This skill set needs to be able to understand legacy technology footprints as well as cutting-edge platforms such as OVM, VMware, Kubernetes, Mesos, and server-less compute resources to enable business agility. Knowing the best platform for the best workload is critical to successful cloud migrations and economic benefit.


Data Intensity maintains expertise in a variety of third-party infrastructure-based virtualization platforms as well as cutting-edge cloud-native capabilities to ensure smooth transitions to a cloud services model.

Our ability to design, implement, support, and operate mission-critical virtualization environments enables our customers to focus on executing Digital Transformation initiatives rather than on operational constructs.


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