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Technology infrastructure is increasingly becoming more service-consumption based, requiring a new skill set to bridge between legacy technology stacks and new-economy service models.

Maintaining investments and skill sets is only half of the challenge. The other half is how you convert from existing infrastructure to the service-consumption-based models to extract every bit of value from both. The balancing act of knowing which workload is right for which infrastructure platform in the common compute, network, and storage paradigm requires working knowledge gained from experience and expertise.


Since 2001, Data Intensity has led market transitions for its customers mapping enterprise workloads to new infrastructure platforms and technologies appropriate for gaining cost and capacity advantages enabling applications to scale with the business needs.

This includes not only virtualized compute and storage technologies but also converged infrastructure platforms and engineered systems. Data Intensity knows infrastructure, whether it’s how we built our own purpose-built cloud platform or providing precision architectural design, implementation, and support services for Oracle Engineered Systems platforms around the globe. We design it, build it, implement it, support it, and operate it all with performance, scalability, security, and availability as our guiding principles.


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