Vulnerability Management


Why do so many breaches, intrusions, and attacks still occur? And why do so many companies not heed the alarms and warnings? Even the most proactive and vigilant organizations remain exposed to real and powerful vulnerabilities due to unavoidable combinations of:

  •   Number of patches, updates, and upgrades too exhaustive to maintain (often invalidating SLAs)
  •   Outdated tools to combat cyberattacks, encrypt/mask data, and manage users and access
  •   Ongoing resistance from end users, asset owners, enterprise units, and third parties
  •   Indiscriminate policy and process adoption across the organization (no architectural standards)
  •   Complexities resulting from new apps, technology growth, cloud sprawl, and shadow IT

83% of tech executives say that security breaches could have an impact on their organization in the next 12 months.

78% of IT executives say that the threat of major security breaches will impact their organization’s investment plans.



Data Intensity Vulnerability Management Solutions stand on two decades of managing complex application and database platforms across a hybrid of cloud tenancies, employing a trifecta of intelligent, customized, and advanced security-driven techniques. We assess technologies, integrations, and work flows, as well as different client groups, for vulnerabilities, irregularities, and threats and then apply a set of point and prevention solutions. Our tested portfolio approach includes automated one-off, distributed, and regularly scheduled scanning; comprehensive documentation with strategic and tactical prioritization; and targeted remediation procedures. As always, all of our work is founded in globally recognized and partner-accredited best-practice industry standards.

By 2022, approximately 30% of enterprises will adopt a risk-based approach to vulnerability management … organizations that use the risk-based vulnerability management method will suffer 80% less breaches.

— Gartner


Data Intensity Vulnerability Management Solutions customers are able to realize:

“Data Intensity was able to successfully design, execute, and manage our … strategy with expertise we simply could not find elsewhere.”

Multinational Retailer


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