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We regularly hear the same general pains from our customers. We are being audited. We have little understanding of our TCO for Oracle. Our maintenance costs continue to grow. We are running Oracle on several different platforms. We don’t believe we are obtaining good value for money out of our current Oracle Investment.


Discovery - At Data intensity our purpose is to inform and educate on the ‘as is’ (your current position) and provide multiple options to enable better decision-making in relation to your Oracle technology. Optimize - With the Software Asset Management team we can work with customers to build alternative road maps that maximize the potential of their Oracle estate. Support - Software Asset Management is fundamental to the successful procurement, deployment, utilization and operational management of software technologies. As a certified Oracle licensing partner, Data Intensity provides full stack Oracle Software Asset Management services.


The purpose of Data Intensity's Software Asset Management team is to protect, educate & enable our customers to make the most out of their Oracle assets in line with their IT Strategy. We simplify challenges and turn what can be a frustrating and emotive subject into one that puts our customers in a position of strength where they can make informed and rationalized decisions.

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