Data & Database Management

Challenges of Database Administration

The availability and performance of your mission-critical data are essential to your business processes. Without proper database administration coverage, capacity, and capability to ensure your critical database systems are aligned with the speed of business, your ability to grow and expand can be stifled significantly.

Finding the time and resources to balance database administration activities with implementing new cutting-edge data management projects is a critical factor responsible for slowing the pace of growing businesses. Optimal database performance, security, and scalability are key challenges that need to be addressed as organizations look to capitalize on Digital Transformation initiatives.

Solutions for Databases

Ensuring maximum cost efficiency, capability, capacity, and coverage to manage your critical database services, Data Intensity enables you to focus on growing your business and strategic initiatives to include:

  •   Availability Management
  •   Performance Management
  •   Incident and Problem Resolution
  •   SLA/OLA Compliance
  •   Upgrades, Security, and Disaster Recovery Services

In addition to providing world-class managed database services at scale, Data Intensity offers architectural database design workshops designed to help customers quickly sort through the proper cloud platforms mapped to their business processes and database management needs when considering new cloud options. Our services include response time SLAs based on IT service management integration with Data Intensity’s Service Management Platform.

Benefits of Database Management

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