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Cloud computing has been a revolutionary technology trend for businesses of all sizes across virtually every industry, and it’s become a core component of a modern ecosystem and application integration strategy. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing cloud infrastructure spanning IaaS, PaaS and SaaS platform from multiple cloud providers.

Choosing the right cloud for your enterprise application workloads requires skill sets that most organizations lack in today’s multi-cloud and hybrid cloud world. Migrating existing workloads from legacy IT Infrastructure requires changes to governance and security policies, resource allocation, operational standards and integration with legacy applications, which will all require attention in the cloud economy.


Data Intensity’s expertise in designing, migrating and supporting enterprise workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and its own DI Cloud is focused on providing flexibility and sustainability for your cloud infrastructure. Data Intensity takes an agnostic approach to understanding your workload needs to maximize your cloud consumption experience.

At Data Intensity, we believe that cloud is a means to an end. We are experts at helping our customers consume multi-cloud and hybrid cloud architectures for the enterprise applications that power their businesses.


Data Intensity Cloud Infrastructure Management customers realize:

  •   Faster cost optimization
  •   Relief of operational burden
  •   Faster time-to-adoption


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