Designing complex enterprise application solutions requires incredible depth and breadth of technical understanding, but more importantly, it demands extraordinary experience in deploying and supporting those solutions.

Frequently, when it comes to designing an applications solution, it calls for a committee approach from resource silos that are really good at one layer of the stack. The demand for solution architects is on the rise, but so are the costs to hire those skill sets if you can find them. As the cloud and application-technology sprawl continues to evolve, the need for these resources has never been more critical.


Data Intensity leverages over two decades of technology design, implementation and support expertise across ten product domains ranging from infrastructure to analytics technologies and everything in between.

As a leading Next Gen Managed Services Provider, Data Intensity focused on the business processes and the solution workloads required to automate and execute those processes. Data Intensity designs enterprise solutions with the intent of supporting them which involves a holistic approach to the ownership of the full solution leveraging the unique depth and breadth of skill sets of the individual layers. Whether your solution design needs are focused on one layer or the entire solutions, Data Intensity has the expertise to design, procure, implement and manage the lifecycle of your technology so you can focus on more strategic initiatives.


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