As technologies age, the more susceptible they become to underserving the business as they suffer from misconfigurations, overutilization, lack of ownership, and overall lethargy. The biggest impact will ultimately be a lack of trust in the systems, business process inefficiency, and possible security and compliance risks to the business.

The challenge with most technology deployments, whether they are legacy applications, databases, converged infrastructure, middleware, integration services, license compliance, or cloud services, is that evaluating the current state of effectiveness often requires the expertise of a third party to provide an unbiased assessment of current capability.


Data Intensity offers a number of assessment services focused on illuminating the effectiveness of the current state of your technology for performance, security configuration, upgrade readiness, and scalability across the application, database, middleware, cloud infrastructure, and software license entitlement to name a few.

As the first step to instigate the need for change, Data Intensity leverages over two decades of technical and functional expertise across a full spectrum of technologies and services. With over 2,300 staff technical certifications and 20 cloud, application, engineered systems, database, and middleware staff certifications, Data Intensity invests in its people, process, and tools to deliver maximum value for its customers.


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