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The rapid and ever-expanding shift in technology skill sets is placing a new set of demands on IT departments’ ability to provide comprehensive support services to their organizations. IT organizations require a diverse set of technology and application support service resources in a variety of time zones across a variety of workloads applied to a variety of priorities.


Data Intensity provides two primary service models allowing customers to consume support in a reactive or proactive fashion:

The Data Intensity Flex On-Demand Service Model provides a subscription-based reactive support model. This service model is perfect for customers who need complementary support to close their gap in skill-set coverage, capability and capacity. The subscription fee provides access to the global Data Intensity support teams combined with a pay-as-you-consume billing model that puts the customer in control of their outsource spend.


Flex On-Demand

  •   Reactive subscription-based support
  •   Customer control of outsourcing spend
  •   Complements IT resource models

Total Operations Management

  •   Proactive 24x7 comprehensive ITIL service model
  •   Tailored services support
  •   Cost-optimized outsourced services

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